Each District will have their own unique breakout session, the details are as follows under each District banner below.

Clubs are encouraged to organise their own sensational club dinner on Friday 30th April. Ideally at somewhere that is not your usual club venue. Please do invite past members, potential members, community, business and government partners. This is ideal opportunity to welcome back people after Covid lockdown to celebrate the centenary of Rotary in true Rotary style.

District 9780 | District 9790 | District 9800 | District 9810 | District 9820

District 9780

Welcome to the Virtual Victoria Rotary Conference 2021, Celebrating our first Century of Service of Rotary in Australia. Please enjoy the presentations by the Conference Speakers and Entertainers. Our next District get together will be during our District Virtual Assembly May 10th to 28th and District Changeover on Sunday 30th May in Port Fairy.

District 9800

District 9800’s Conference Breakout Session – A Rotary  Showcase 

District 9810

This event will be an opportunity for District 9810 Rotarians to come together in a virtual setting, to acknowledge and celebrate the Rotary achievements of the last year.

District 9820

Saturday 1st May, 3:30 pm

Nossal High School, 100 Clyde Rd Berwick

$70.00per head: 2 course meal including beer, wine, soft drink