Ten years ago, David Laity lost most of what he owned in the Black Saturday bushfires. However, he was grateful to be alive and, after some hiccups coming to grips with needing help, he was able to begin rebuilding his life with the help of money dropped into donation tins around the country, and donated by groups such as Rotary. 

Humbled by Australians stepping up to help, David developed a powerful new level of motivation to make it his mission to “pay forward” the incredible generosity that had been shown to him.

In the aftermath of the fires, David started a business that gave back 50% of everything he earned to the charities his customers cared most about. David had a love of wine, along with awesome contacts at several great vineyards. All agreed to help, and so, with $15,000 provided by compassionate people, Goodwill Wine was born – along with an uplifting story.